Magenta Bliss Acrylic Ring 10mm Stainless Steel Comfort Band

  • Model: LMR-AC11
US $69.00

Magenta Bliss Acrylic Ring - 10mm Band - Handcrafted in Canada

  • 10mm Stainless Steel Comfort Band - No pinch!
  • Quality handcrafted in Canada
  • Magenta Bliss Acrylic Resin
  • Your ring may not look exactly as depicted by the images! Handcrafted products are truly "one of a kind" creations!

This beautiful handmade ring was carefully handcrafted in Canada from Magenta Bliss Acrylic resin on a bevelled stainless steel core which makes it very durable and comfortable to wear.

What makes these Comfort Rings different from all the others? These rings feature a radiused interior profile that’s comfortable on your skin and won’t pinch when doing every day tasks. In fact, it’s so comfortable that you may never take it off! And, because it’s made of solid stainless steel that won’t tarnish or stain, you can count on it looking great for years to come.

For each one of my fashion rings, I hand-select unique acrylics to bring out their dazzling glamorous colors. All of my acrylic rings are completely waterproof and buffed to a high gloss shine.

Please know the correct ring size needed before purchase, as these acrylic rings can not be resized.

To calculate your proper ring size, visit the following site: Check your Ring Size Here. Magenta Bliss Ring or Bands. Compliment your style with one of these dazzling Fashion Ring accessories.