Blue Red Burl Dichrolam Ring Set Black Ceramic Bands 6mm / 4mm

  • Model: LMR-DL02
US $175.00

Red Burl Dichrolam Ring Set Black Ceramic 6mm & 4mm Bands

  • Black Ceramic Bands in 6mm & 4mm
  • Quality handcrafted in Canada
  • Red Burl Dichrolam Inlay

This beautiful wedding ring set is handcrafted with the all new dichronic color shifting Red Burl Dichrolam inlayed on matching 6mm and 4mm Black Ceramic Bands. The Dichrolam is carefully placed by hand, encased in extra hard resin which when finished produces a brilliant 3D finish. Our Dichrolam Rings feature a very durable waterproof finish for daily wear!

Also, please be advised that due to the nature of genuine handcrafting, no two rings will exactly look the same! Your custom ring will be truly unique, and may not look exactly as shown in the picture.

Please know the correct ring size needed before purchase, as these rings can not be resized.

To calculate your proper ring size, visit the following site: Check your Ring Size Here.